Our company, Ens Ahsap established since 1958 as a small lumber factory in the centre of Bolu province with its attractive forested mountain countryside and has been operating in the wood sector for three generations. As its well known, the most important characteristics of wood as a natural material are its durability, healthiness and endurance in the aspect of usage. Ens Ahsap has adopted the most important characteristics of wood as a principle for itself and has never comprimised these principles in any kind of product that it produces. While deciding on how we as Ens Ahsap, could play our role in the importance of natural furnitures for a healthy life, we decided that it would be more useful to begin with pre-school children as it is the primary age to arouse consciousness. Therefore, while producing our tables and chairs, we paid great attention to their design and ergonomics as well as the use of high-quality, lasting and natural materials. As a result, we made the tables and chairs available safely and comfortably to our children where it plays a major role during the pre-school education. Beside, these features, we are able to offer custom made products for each school with our “private collection” series. We have been assisting them in making a difference in their quality and service by ornamenting their own logos and emblems. It should be remembered that quality is hidden behind details.